Tri Cafe

Tri CafeOh, I’m in café love again! Located on narrow Anenská Street between Charles Bridge and the National Theatre, I’m quite happy to have a good Old Town area café to recommend. Tri Café serves Coffee Source coffee, has super friendly people and an eclectic décor to smile about.

The café is a string of three rooms. The first has the counter which was filled with plates of sweets, quiche and more yummy looking things. The menu hangs on a big board behind the counter; a cappuccino was 49 CZK and while being very good, could have been a bit bigger. There were two young–ish guys manning the place, and I had the feeling they might be the owners. Both were really nice, and a large carafe of water was brought to the table for free – nice.

I can only describe the décor as shabby chic on a diet. There aren’t many tables, which gives the space a lovely open and comfortable vibe, but I wonder if at busier times it might be a challenge to find a seat. Tables and chairs in no way match, there’s a funny looking old rocker, a shelf stuffed with books, plus contemporary art on the walls. The place has a casual feel, but one that feels like thought was put into it. There are also huge windows all through the café which of course makes any venue better.

Tri Café has a lot going for it – I’m unsure if I’d feel comfortable working for an extended period here, but that’s the only drawback I can think of. We’re giving it kicks for coffee, friendliness, vibe and location.

Tri Café: Prague, Czech Republic: 4 Caffeine Kicks