Tower Park Praha

We got a little high for our caffeine kick today. It was a Monday and new weeks should start out caffeine complete. Our destination was Tower Park Praha66 meters above Prague at the Tower Park Praha café. Again, that’s not really what it’s called – OBLACA café is its proper name, but using this moniker is easier and more descriptive.

Obviously, you come here for the views. Massive windows on all 3 sides of the café mean an excellent unobstructed view of the city. The décor is white and modern – the photo might make it look boring, but in reality you aren’t here to look at the furniture anyway. There are also comfy booths in the café’s middle. They are a step up from the floor so you still get a great spectacle above your fellow café-goers’ heads.

And guess what? The cappuccino was not only decent but well-priced – 50 CZK for an acceptable-sized cup and good coffee. Tower Park Praha won’t be a regular café stop – however for relaxibility, entertainment and coffee we can recommend it.

Tower Park Praha, Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks