Šťastná kavárna

Who can resist a café called the ‘Happy Café?’ I can’t and after visiting, you shouldn’t either.

Located in the Prague 2-New Town area, Šťastná kavárna was started by two coffee enthusiasts who wanted to share their love of coffee with others. I for one greatly appreciate not only the nice cappuccino (50 CZK) but also the warm country charm in which they’ve decorated. Solid square tables aren’t squished together so you don’t feel on top of your fellow patrons. There were three workers on my early afternoon visit, and a larger group in the back room. The back room also has a couple comfy chairs that look perfect for a nice sit and read.

Another thing that made me happy here was their adorable pottery. The cream-colored décor included hanging tree branches and birdhouse wallpaper. The overall feel was bright and cheery. Kicks for style, coffee and ceramics. C’mon, go get happy.

Šťastná kavárna: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks