Prostě Kafe

Prostě Kafe (Just Coffee) really isn’t as I immediately noticed upon walking in. Three ladies were enjoying glasses of wine in the small front section of the café. The bar had a variety of spirits behind it and there’s quiche, cakes and other small bites on offer.

Thankfully, there was coffee too. The cappuccino (42 CZK) was fine, coffee flavor not too strong. The barista was friendly, seemed to be the owner. His interactions with the other customers were quite familiar so I feel this is a popular local place.

The back room had a dorm room vibe with tons of books randomly stacked on homemade wooden shelves. The plain grey walls and floor added to this leaden look, but there were fairly decent photographs on the wall. The café also hosts regular exhibitions so the art changes frequently.

For a comfortable coffee or drink this Vršovice café is just fine. Kicks for relaxibility and local feel.

Prostě Kafe: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks