Love, love this place! Right by one of the IP Pavlova metro exits is one of my new favorite cafes. Pražírna is a lovely brick lined underground space whose people put some serious love into their coffee. The service was pleasant, the prices normal, the size fair and for these beautiful summer days they even have a rough & ready garden out back.


Entering the few steps down, a nice bar is immediately to your right which flows into the front room; heading around the bar you’ll find four more defined yet connecting spaces. Book shelves act as low separators and there’s a big long table in the back for larger parties. The garden isn’t done up at all, but if you are craving some quiet and sun, it’s so much better than a table plunked onto the sidewalk.

And now the coffee. The cappuccino (48 CZK) arrived slightly larger than the norm. My piccolo espresso drinking friend said she’d never seen a cappuccino that looked like that. I know I make a big deal about my cappuccino foam, but I also know I’ll be getting a good cup when the foam doesn’t arrive. I took one sip and handed it to my friend to try.

“That’s the best &(#*$( cappuccino I’ve ever had,” she said. That’s a direct quote. And it was exceptional. I even went home and told my husband all about how great the place was. I didn’t give him a play-by-play just because of the coffee though.

Our first year in Prague, one afternoon a week we used to meet at this café. I don’t recall the circumstances, but  we both had like 30 minutes to get a coffee. We used to laugh at how bad it was – the granny décor (some of those chairs might still be there, but now they are chic), the horrid coffee made using the hotpot on the counter that doubled as the serving area, and the smoke. I actually forgot to check if Pražírna was non-smoking –our table didn’t have an ashtray, nor was anyone around us smoking. I think a place that obviously cares this deeply about their beans wouldn’t allow smoke to foul up the scene.

Pražírna gets kicks for everything – coffee, décor, workability, relaxibilty and location. Highly recommended.

Pražírna, Prague, Czech Republic. 5 Caffeine Kicks

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