Pod Vyhlídkou

Pod VyhlídkouOf course, we’re open come in – was the excited response to our enquiring looks at the door to the café. One woman quickly bustled about to finish setting up the back garden while the second patiently continued writing the daily offer on their black board chattering on about what they had. The sunny back garden looked like a perfect spot for a mid-morning caffeine re-fueling. Being in the sun, I had to do it – I ordered the frappe (40 CZK). Came in a fancy curvy cocktail glass which was kinda cool, but otherwise, simply average. Nice price though for being so close to Mikulov’s main square. Mikulov has always been one of my favorite Czech towns. Located in the Moravian region, it’s obviously better known for its wine but this café was a pleasant surprise.Pod Vyhlídkou 2

Pod Vyhlídkou had a stylish front room, the small back garden where we perched plus a pretty amazing terrace garden with views off to the nearby hills. The friendly staff and nice spaces definitely make this a recommendable café to check out if it’s a bit too early to sample some of the town’s better known beverage.

Pod Vyhlídkou: Mikulov, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks

Pod Vyhlídkou 1