Oh, how I do love those repurposed industrial spaces. Down along the river in the Czech town of Plzeň you’ll find an old paper mill. Part of it still works, but parts of it have been transformed – the part I visited, Papírna, is now an alternative theater space with a fabulous café.

Paprina 4

The large room actually is better suited to a club. Really late closing hours and an impressive bar add to that deduction. There’s a few loungy type sofas and lots of stark school tables and chairs made up the rest of the space. In the corner by a DJ table, there’s a large flashing temporary installation by Czech artist David Černý left over from a recent light festival. There’s also a loft space with the same décor.

The coffee at 39 CKZ was quite a bargain, taste and size-wise. Papírna is cool, that’s about all that needs to be said. Go find it.

Papírna: Plzeň, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks