This vegan café near Jiřího z Poděbrad is a very popular lunch spot. But stopping by just for a coffee is perfectly acceptable, and tasty.

This is one strong coffee. At 50 CZK the price-size ration was acceptable, but I did need another jolt of sugar. And soy milk foams up just as nice as regular milk – it’s a vegan place so no dairy. It came in a pretty cool cup, and with the most adorable and tiny bird cookie. Yes, that’s a bird perched on the spoon.

The service was friendly and it seemed everyone knew each other. The biggest drawback was the awkward space layout. There are two rooms with an uncomfortable mid-section disturbingly close to the bathroom. In the back, there’s a couch and small play area. The front has a few tables and seating in the window; but if you are by yourself there’s not much space for singles. I had the feeling they were in the midst of doing the place up and then said, oops, time to open and stopped with the decorating.

Besides the yummy smelling lunch on offer this day, there’s a lovely looking cake counter. Moment gets kicks for veganism, friendliness and food.

Moment: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks