Mléčný Bar

Vršovice has become a trendy spot with an improving restaurant and café scene. It is woefully neglected on these pages and a more concentrated effort to explore its caffeine hot spots is needed in the coming year. A resolution!

With about 30 minutes to kill, I walked past Mléčný Bar on Moskevská, straight off Vršovické náměstí. It’s more of a takeaway joint, but the enthusiastic owner quickly prepared my cappuccino (37 CZK) as I surveyed the full and varied food counter. Besides cakes and chlebíčky, there was also food to take home like řízek, bramborák and such. The Piazza d’oro coffee was of a typical size and a bit bitter, I wish I’d have taken a second sugar. There’s a cute tiny backroom if you decide to sit; but based on the few people who came in during my visit, to go is the preferred option here.

While there are probably nicer cafes in the neighborhood in which to sit and relax, the friendliness and prices at Mléčný Bar make it worth a stop.

Mléčný Bar: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks