Man vs. Machine

A hip coffee roaster in Munich, Man vs. Machine is a friendly place run by dedicated coffee lovers.

I’m unsure if sporting a red beard is a requirement for employment here; but both the baristas had the look. Careful attention is paid to creating your coffee. And it was a keeper. Perfect flavor, well-made and a decent size. The cafe’s interior was stripped down, little window benches and three tables crushed together in the back. Go to the restroom – they’ve got beautiful soap.

Man vs. Machine reminded me a lot of Bonanza, the coffee roaster I visited in Berlin. There was a steady to-go clientele during our time with The Man, and it isn’t the easiest place to relax. This coffee roaster though has personality – their website has a bunch of coffee quotes – this was a good one: ‘Coffee is healthy. As long as you don’t drink too much. Or drink it too hot. And as long as you do not drink a coffee instead of pulling your parachute.’ Who doesn’t want to have a coffee with people like that?

Man vs. Machine: Munich, Germany: 4 Caffeine Kicks