Long Tale Café

This cafe is now called Silencio – new review coming soon!

I’ve often bemoaned the lack of nice cafes in Holešovice. Luckily, there is a recommendable one, and it is good. There are a few drawbacks, but for tasty coffee in a notable space, it’s the best in the neighborhood.

Long Tale CafeLocated in the M Factory, which apparently is designed to be some sort of headquarters for creatives, the café is located in the courtyard. Which means in the summer there are tables outside, and not on the street. Inside is industrial chic with lots of cement, an open upstairs loft space and a mix of big couches and individual tables. It seems to double as a semi-permanent work and meeting space for some as on every occasion I’ve been there focused people have been determinedly bent over their laptops.

Long Tale Café’s customer level peaks around lunchtime when they offer salads, quiches and other light lunch items. They also have a little desk with pencils and paper for kids, so a multi-functional space if there ever was one.

The coffee is good. But small. At 50 CZK for a cappuccino, depending on my company, I always have to order a second. Service is friendly, but tends to disappear, it’s an extremely casual place where everyone is made to feel welcome and left to their own devices.

Long Tale Café’s biggest drawback is it is only open weekdays. But otherwise, it gets kicks for location, interior, atmosphere and meetability. Those small coffee sizes are a definite downer though.

Long Tale Café, PragueCzechRepublic: 3 Caffeine Kicks

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