Literární kavárna

Another literary café in Old Town to tell you about. The other is one of my favorite go-to places in the center – affordable, lively and with a great courtyard in the summer. This one, not so many positives things to report. However, I’m sharing it with you anyway for two, specific, traveler-focused reasons.

This café takes the literary part of its name more seriously than the café part. Attached to a branch of Charles University the décor is student bookstore. It was semi-livened up by fairly dramatic paintings for sale.

My weekday visit saw no one there. My cappuccino (59 CZK) was of the decidedly old school variety, meaning how coffee used to taste before Prague’s glory years of independent cafes flooded our fair town. To conclude my definition: it was pretty bad.

So no atmosphere, bad, expensive coffee – why again am I writing about this? Because of the location and peace and quiet it offers. Located close to the Jewish Quarter and at the end of Pařížská Street, many visitors will find themselves nearby. Sometimes when travelling you need a break to sit, relax, decompress, use the toilet and have a little refreshment. Unlike many other restaurants or cafes in the area, here you can have a little peace. Enjoy, and maybe order a beer.

Literární kavárna: 17. listopadu 901/7, Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks