KidoI’ve been spending some time lately in the Letná neighborhood and it’s nice—they have some good cafes and restaurants, many with outdoor spaces. With the weather finally getting normal, I’m always lured in by the promise of a sit in a courtyard or on a terrace. It was Kidó’s front courtyard that obliged me to visit.

The best thing about Kidó is its variety of spaces. In addition to the nice courtyard in front, they have this amazing garden-like atmosphere in the back. And there’s nothing wrong with their interior – it’s a beautiful roomy space with obvious care and consideration put into the décor and design. Kidó is a bit more than just a café; they prepare daily fresh vegetarian meals and have a sustainable countryside in the city ethos to the way they operate.Kido 1

They serve La Boheme coffee, which is locally roasted and I think has a fairly good reputation, but the cappuccino (55 CZK) was so bad! It was served in what appeared to be an espresso cup and quite bitter. This is a shame, as I think I could get some work done here (the weekday afternoon I was there it was very quiet) however the WiFi didn’t work and the coffee was in no way enjoyable. I might return for a light meal and the opportunity to sit outside, but as a café, Kidó gets the thumbs down. It does earn 2 kicks though for concept and design.

Kido 3Kidó: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks

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