Kavárna Pod Lipami

Kavárna Pod LipamiThis is one of those neighborhood cafes you just love to find and have to love. A member of the Mama Coffee chain, this Prague 7 outlet is roomy on the inside, has a super front courtyard and is close to Letná Park.

My first visit here was a rainy day, so the courtyard was neglected. The mid-afternoon weekday visit though saw the interior full almost the entire visit. This was a working afternoon, and the café did okay in that regard, but because of size and the number of people there, it wasn’t ideal. The interior is bright and decorated with paintings by young artists. The leafy courtyard though is the best place to be, and while roomy, is still a coveted place to sit.

Kavárna Pod Lipami 1Not too much to say about the coffee (48 CZK) – I’ve had it and I enjoy it. I always wish though their cups were just a little bit bigger. A visit a few weeks later saw a sunny day and the chance to sit outside with a friend, in which 2 cappuccinos were consumed. The atmosphere was great, however service was a bit surly, which isn’t something I’ve come to expect from any of the Mama Coffee’s I’ve been to. Still we’ll put that down to a one-off and give Kavárna Pod Lipami 3 Kicks, for coffee, courtyard and neighborhood.

Kavárna Pod Lipami: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks