Kavarna Muzeum

When the National Museum first took over the former Radio Free Europe Headquarters as it’s ‘New Building,’ the café onsite had a great vaguely Cubist vibe with big tables and chairs and lots of marble. Even better, the prices were not what would usually be found in the center. When a friend suggested meeting there I was pleased as after visiting a few times after it first opened the place dropped off my radar.

Kavarna Muzeum 2

In the meantime, new owners have come in, redone the space and evolved it into more of a canteen atmosphere. There were some goods and not-so-fonds here. The space had a building in progress feel with building blocks seeming to be the primary design element. It’s self-serve and they have kept the very good prices. They appear to be wanting more of a meal crowd than café goers; there are lots of various fresh options for lunch and long tables to accommodate hungry folk looking for a quick bite in the center.

The big windows along the side accommodate small cubicles with comfy chairs to relax with a coffee. However, as these are very limited, you’d need some luck to snag one of these desirable places if you’d planned to hang out for a bit. Kavarna Muzeum does serve Doubleshot coffee, one of the top brands in the Czech Republic. And they offer large cappuccinos, which always warms the cockles of my caffeine addicted heart. The jumbo size comes in at 55 CZK, an excellent price for such a tasty cup.

Kavarna Museum gets 4 Caffeine Kicks for its coffee, price, the fact it is non-smoking and location. It unfortunately loses 2 Kicks for its lack of atmosphere and un-relaxability factors.

Kavarna Museum, Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks