I’ve been trying to spread my café wings and explore blog-neglected neighborhoods in search of a fabulous cappuccino. Kavarium was the result of such an expedition and a satisfactory find.

Much like Salsa Café, the space is long and narrow, so not as bright as I normally like. The two cafes are quite similar in set-up actually, except Kavarium doesn’t have a back garden. I chose again to sit in the back room, which has two small tables, a larger one with a couch and a bookshelf on the wall. More tables and the bar are up front.

As I was working, I found the service here perfect: I was left alone. But I don’t think you’d be neglected. The coffee was Tonino Lamborghini and I quite enjoyed it – I honestly am unsure if any cafes on this blog feature this brand. Being the semi-snob I am, I was okay with this generic Italian espresso. The cappuccino (46 CZK) was well-made and a decent size.

I would go back and work in Kavarium again, and it is a nice spot to meet people as well. In fact three businessmen (?) were sitting on the couch next to me enjoying a bottle of champagne. This café near Hradčanská gets kicks for workability and coffee.

Kavarium: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks


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    I find the Lamborghini brand to be a pretty good mark of quality. I found out years ago that the importers are very strict about how their coffee is treated and served. The beans are a blend of mostly arabica with a little robusta which gives a slightly chocolatey touch. I definitely prefer it over the more generic and Lavazza or Illy and I won’t even order a coffee if a place uses Segafredo or Piazza d’Oro.

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      Caffeine Cafe

      Hi Charlie, thanks for reading! I agree you are pretty safe with Lamborghini, and I’ve gotten lucky with Piazza on occasion, actually. Avoid Lavazza and Segafredo unless it is a dire caffeine emergency! Or you write a cafe blog!

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