Parlor Café

This is your very early tip for summer. Parlor Café is actually an ice cream parlor, known for their tasty and inventive ice cream sandwiches. But coffee lovers who find themselves in Karlín should also go to enjoy their lovely and large space, delicious coffee and yummy cakes.

Parlor is really one of the largest cafes I’ve been to in a long time. A huge front room, set a bit away from the coffee and ice cream bar which is nice, plus another quite large back room. High ceilings strung with plants add to the airy feel but they’ve created cozy corners out of mismatched furniture so you have lovely nooks for hanging with friends, or yourself. They’ve also thoughtfully included a large trough sink in the back for sticky fingers.

The cappuccino (55 CZK) was a nice size, smooth and tasty. The brownie though was a hugely pleasant surprise. Besides really being huge it was rich, chewy, chocolatey, a definite must. Parlor gets kicks for concept, coffee, greenery and that brownie. Will definitely be back for a summer time ice cream visit.

Parlor Café: Prague, Czech Republic: 4 Caffeine Kicks

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