Kaffeehaus SowohlAlsAuch

Not one of my better picks; Kaffeehaus appeared when caffeine levels were severely low. But the cappuccino (2.80 EUR) was a good size and filled with foam which I accidentally smothered in sugar when the shaker revealed itself to be very generous with its product.

Kaffeehaus has a slightly Austrian coffee-house vibe; two of Gustav Klimt’s paintings are on the walls; there are chandeliers and marble tables. Interestingly, in the bathroom was a great glass bauble light fixture locked to the wall. In case you thought to smuggle it out under your shirt after using the facilities. The huge outdoor space was inviting and service was pleasant.

There’s nothing wrong with Kaffeehaus; it’s just not overly interesting either. We’ll give it kicks for outdoor space and service.

Kaffeehaus SowohlAlsAuch: Berlin, Germany: 2 Caffeine Kicks