What’s the name of your café I enquired as I was leaving. No outside signage and nothing inside either was a bit mysterious. Kaffeebar was the barista’s reply. Hmmm…not the most original name but a cool café in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin nonetheless.

The café’s front room was small, square and pretty industrial, with old chairs seemingly collected from a school rummage sale, simple wood tables and a cement floor. The bench around the wall included throw pillows and the ceramic faced brick counter added a slightly softer touch. The back room though was amazing; wooden raisers filled with pillows for some serious caffeine lounging.

The cappuccino at 2.20 EUR was not only a bargain, but good, if only slightly milky. Kaffeebar gets kicks for interior and price.

Kaffeebar: Berlin, Germany: 2 Caffeine Kicks