Home Kitchen

Home KitchenAnother new café in Holešovice?!? Gosh, what’s this caffeine fiend to do with stylish coffee dens tempting her on nearly every street? A bit like Phill’s Twenty 7 I wrote about in June, Home Kitchen has more of a restaurant vibe. It’s an industrial type space with a high counter for perching in the window; a massive long table through the middle and individual tables along the side. There’s a barista area when you first walk in and in the back, an open kitchen which is a bit of a novelty here. Home Kitchen has a couple tables on the front sidewalk, but even nicer are the picnic tables out back; set near a green belt that runs between two buildings.

Now, the coffee. Nice. The size was a bit larger than the other cafes in the neighborhood and the day of my visit was an Egyptian-Columbian blend. It was tasty, well-made and 53 CZK. The price doesn’t encourage a second but for an afternoon catch-up with a friend, the place and coffee were good. If you are interested in food, Home Kitchen does a daily lunch special and seems to specialize in ‘home’ cooking, but using unique flavors and fresh ingredients. They also offer breakfast, which is a bit of a rarity in the neighborhood, and are open seven days a week.

So what did I think? Mixed view. Design-wise – really nice. Meeting or work ability – a bit negative, the tall ceilings and open space don’t offer much privacy or quiet. Coffee – thumbs up. We’ll give Home Kitchen three kicks – design, coffee and concept.

Home Kitchen: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks