My first café visit in Munich was a bit of a desperation sit. We’d been wandering for a while with absolutely nothing to be found. We realized that visiting a café called the ‘lucky kid’ sans children might not be advisable, but we took the plunge.

Gluckskind 2Both the space and the coffee were huge. Lots of windows, and as expected, babies. A big kid’s corner in the back was attracting them too. The service was quite slow, but they were busily working. We perched on a couch and enjoyed our coffee out of these fabulous cups; twice in Munich I took cup pictures, something definitely not normal in Prague but so fun! Glückskind was much better than the kid’s café I accidentally visited in Berlin. While probably not a place I would frequent regularly, the café still gets kicks for coffee and friendly service.

Glückskind: Munich, Germany: 2 Caffeine Kicks