Film Cafe

Film CafeAbout half the cafes I go to are purposefully chosen, about half are random walk-bys. This café in Vienna was one of the random ones, found with a friend while wandering the streets close to the center.

Film Café was chosen for its relaxed look and the fact we were ready for a coffee. The place was deserted when we entered, and a few seemingly friends of the bar man were the only other patrons on this Wednesday afternoon. The cappuccinos (3.30 euro) were fine, foamy, which surprised me and of course came with that big glass of water I always enjoy when café-ing in Vienna.

The décor was modern, big tables lining the windows and smaller ones throughout. The roomy café was simply decorated with photos from Austrian films. Located near the Ronacher Theater, their website claims they are a popular place for actors, writers and producers.

There wasn’t much atmosphere in Film Café, most likely because we were the only people there. The café is spacious and nicely designed. There was nothing ‘bad’ nor ‘great’ about the café, just a spot to stop and have a coffee.

Film Café: Vienna, Austria: 2 Caffeine Kicks