Dox Cafe

Dox Centre for Contemporary Art in my opinion, is one of if not the best gallery in Prague. I’ve been meaning to write-up their café for a while now and after visiting a recent exhibit, I had some extra time to sit and have a coffee. It’s not really a spot you’d come specifically for the coffee, but it is a nice place to relax before or after checking out the rest of the place.

Entrance to both the café and Dox’s amazingly awesome design shop are free, so if you like design and books, you should visit the shop at some point anyway. The café is large, simple wooden tables and a melon color bar. There are huge windows, but really no view. They do have a fabulous outside terrace with fun oversized plastic furniture. The cappuccino was 50 CZK, okay sized and a bit bitter.

Dox gets kicks for its building, outdoor terrace and the fact it’s just a way cool place.

Dox Café: 3 Caffeine Kicks