Double B

Can you believe I’ve just visited another new super Vinohrady café? Prague 2 residents must never sleep. I’m not exactly sure when Double B opened, I happened upon it about a week before I visited. But walking in the place still smelled new. And there were some wires hanging from the ceiling, I suppose awaiting lights.

Double B’s menu is very basic. Three price categories: 60, 80, 100 CZK. A variety of coffees are listed under each one, and tea is available too. I didn’t see on the blackboard menu food options, nor did I see any cake lying around, so this appears to be a caffeine-only joint. Not that I have a problem with that.

Due to the late hour of the day, I ordered the small cappuccino (60 CZK). The 80 CZK would have been the better choice, as the small is pretty small. However, for once, I’m not going to complain about the size for the price. This was one smooth cappuccino, the kind where a sign of pleasure slips out following the first sip. Just really nice.

The large space has big windows and groupings of tables. It’s a little odd as you’ll have three tables close together, then a big space and another group of tables. The ones close to the windows are the most prized and I was sitting next to a large window seat with cushions. The coffee grinder also has pride of place in its own room with a window; you can view it like an exhibit at the zoo. The rest of the décor consists of shelves with bags of beans and coffee accessories plus a flat screen TV tuned to the coffee channel.

I like this place. Friendly service, great coffee and someplace I could imagine working, which I haven’t found much in other cafes I’ve been to lately. Kicks for coffee, service, brightness and workability. Check it out.

Double B: Prague, Czech Republic: 4 Caffeine Kicks


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      Caffeine Cafe

      It was a really nice place! Unfortunately, I seemed to have neglected to check out the coffee brand, however I would believe they grind their own. Thanks for reading!

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