Dismas is a super café on Na Poříčí, in between Florenc and Námestí republicky. It’s super for two main reasons: they offer a ‘cappuccino large’ and are a social enterprise.

Dismas, whose motto is Café without Prejudice, was opened to provide employment to people recently released from prison who, because of their past, have a difficult time finding a job. The space is clean and bright with a country-style décor, distressed white wood tables, beige armchairs and colorful pillows lining the bench along one wall. The whole atmosphere is comfy and homey.

And the big cappuccino (59 CZK, a regular is 42 CZK) was well-made and lived up to its name. Dismas also does breakfast, light lunches and of course cakes. I could see working here, it’s definitely bright enough and some of the tables are placed well for independent working.

The café got some EU funding to open and support it in the beginning, but they will have to go it alone after a couple of years, so have a coffee to help keep them open. According to the website, they took their name from St. Dismas, patron saint of prisoners. Dismas gets kicks for coffee, atmosphere and its awesome mission.

Dismas: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks

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    Barista | Caffeine Cafe

    […] Service was pretty non-existent and while the cappuccino (60 CZK) was acceptable it was small and nothing special. The overall feeling my CiC and I had for this place was ‘meh.’ If you are in the Náměstí Republiky area, I’d suggest hitting Kafíčko or Dismas instead. […]

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