Das Spielzimmer

Das SpielzimmerI suppose if my German was better (or I’d checked out the name of the café before entering) I may not have chosen Das Spielzimmer (The Playroom) for my afternoon cappuccino. But the mish mash of old furniture I spotted from the doorway enticed me in. Once in, I felt I had to go through with it, even though I felt like I’d wandered into some kids’ café. The main room is spacious and off to one side is a fenced off play area. In the back narrower room I spotted child-sized tables and chairs and a wooden playhouse.

I ordered my cappuccino (2.30 euro) at the counter, and sat between the door and the counter in a sunny spot. The cappuccino was fine; smaller than I’m used to but adequate. There were only two women and a baby here with me, so my visit was quiet. The counter had jars of biscuits and such that looked very gummable and there were jars of baby food for sale behind the counter. It was at this point in my surveillance I spotted the name of the café on the door. Besides the unstyled furniture, there were other curious design elements including what happened to be doors from a submarine and a lovely molded ceiling with fanciful chandelier.

Because they obviously cater to a moms and kids clientele, I can’t see it bearing a repeat visit. Their ice cream selection however looked tempting so maybe that would encourage at least a momentary visit. I can give Das Spielzimmer only one kick – for location, as they also have a few tables outside on a tree-lined street. The reason no more can be given is there was an odd smell through the place, reminiscent of sour milk. I suppose where many babies gather that is a typical scent, but not the best backdrop for a simple cappuccino.

Das Spielzimmer: Berlin, Germany: 1 Caffeine Kick

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