Cup and Spoon

Cup and SpoonI’m consistently amazed (and jealous) at the number of cafes in Karlín. I stumbled upon Cup and Spoon with a friend. We peered in the window, it looked fresh and new so we decided to pop in. The café faces Karlínské náměstí and is basically one decent-sized bright room. Coffee bean wallpaper covers two walls and they serve Coffee Source coffee.

The cappuccino was a normal size, but not for its price of 55 CZK. It was also a bit too milky for me, nearly lacking in taste. There’s a small counter that had a number of nice looking cakes, muffins and sandwiches in it, so probably a good spot for something homemade and either sweet or savory. The girl manning the place was also quite nice; my friend and I gabbed for quite a bit, and while she checked on us a couple of times, didn’t seem perturbed by our extended stay.

There a bench on one side and tables scattered throughout without any seeming rhyme or reason. It gave the place an unfinished, temporary look, almost as if they are still waiting for the ‘real’ furniture to be delivered. While I’d pop in again if I was in the neighborhood; the blah coffee and high price means Cup and Spoon doesn’t make it on to the rotating café list.

Cup and Spoon: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks