Cortado Kaffebar

Cortado 2This small space tucked behind some trees and bike parking on a busy corner saw a steady stream of patrons drinking in and getting their coffees to go. The interior was trendy, with super seating in the window with the back room being cozier with couches, but a bit squishy.

A large cappuccino was requested here, and it met that description. (Side note – of the cafes I visited, all cappuccinos were offered in two sizes). Smooth and creamy, good beans were used and it was well-made. The atmosphere here was busy, it being a late Saturday morning with a mix of both friends catching up and solitary patrons reading or busy on their computers.

Cortado KaffebarThe service was friendly and they had a side table with a carafe of water and glasses for you to help yourself. Cortado gets kicks for coffee, service and atmosphere.

Cortado Kaffebar: Copenhagen, Denmark, 3 Caffeine Kicks