CoffeemakersGetting a paper cup of coffee from a retrofitted 1974 Citroen van doesn’t sound like a promising caffeine opportunity. But if you see the Coffeemakers van out and about, join the queue (highly probably there will be one) and enjoy some coffee love.

I found Coffeemakers at the Saturday farmers market in Dejvice. There was a fairly serious line, but the market was packed and there were lines everywhere. The guy and girl in the van were kept hopping; grinding, pouring, foaming and more. The guy kept pumping fresh beans into the grinder, making every cup special for the customers. When it was finally my turn I handed over my 35 CZK and received a decent sized cup. And it was good…nice and smooth, reminiscent of a Double Shot or CoffeeSource cup. And 10 CZK cheaper than the smaller Mama Coffee cappuccino I had earlier in the morning at the Náplavka farmers market. Yes it was pre-10am and I was standing in line for my second cappuccino. Don’t judge.

According to their website Coffeemakers completely redid the van for a proper coffee-making experience. They use their own coffee blend and grind it a maximum of four weeks after roasting. If you like farmers markets, Dejvice’s has a great atmosphere, and an excellent coffee van, nearly making it worth the trip itself.

Coffeemakers: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks