Coffee Room

One of the best coffees I had on my recent Berlin trip, Coffee Room has a welcoming space and super vibe.

The entryway with the bar is quite small but the main room is open and spacious. It’s got rustic vibe and they also sell tea, champagne and cosmetics. A bit odd, but they are all prettily placed on shelves. There’s a window bar, back seating and long tables in the middle. The other two people inside on this visit had laptops, but I feel this is more a café when you either want to be by yourself or with a friend. There’s space to sit outside as well.

Coffee Room does cakes, soups and salads. When I first tasted the cappuccino (they use Hey Caffeine blends) I thought there was a hint of citrus, but the more I drank, the better it got. Or maybe the caffeine kicked in. Kicks for laidback vibe, interior and coffee.


Coffee Room: Berlin, Germany: 3 Caffeine Kicks