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Editor’s Note: Coffee Land is now closed

It’s not often I get to a brand spankin’ new café when it is still fresh – but Coffee Land just turned on its bean grinders in January. The need for a centrally located meeting spot drove me there.

The address says Wenceslas Square but the entrance is actually a few buildings in on Jindrisská. Large windows give it lots of light and the few booths sitting along them are perfectly placed for people watching. The color scheme is upscale – coffee cream and brown hues with a big coffee roaster in one corner. The service is friendly and the overall atmosphere is posh. There’s also an upstairs loft space open to the rest of the room.

Coffee LandCoffee being ground that day included Brazilian and Nicaraguan beans. And they were yummy. The nice sized cup had a hefty amount of foam on it. While I appreciate a barista’s skill in creating a non-foam cappuccino, I sometimes just can’t resist the frothy yumminess sweetened with sugar. And that’s exactly how this one was.

Two drawbacks to Coffee Land. It’s smoking, which is a big one. And the music was a bit loud and clubby. But for location, coffee and service, we’ll probably be coming back to this land.

Coffee Land: Prague Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks


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