Coffee Corner Bakery

Hustle and bustle. Groups of friends, business people making deals, solo workers and more are occupying nearly every table in the quite large Coffee Corner Bakery. Lucky for me, the living room section isn’t so popular on this weekday morning and I snag myself a comfy chair near a window.

This is a very nicely decorated café. Like someone spent a lot of time and money to give it the industrial chic look it sports so well. The front room is a bit busier and colder, we could say, while the back is warmer and more inviting. They’ve got comfy furniture and a wood brick mix that works very well.


I did wonder if I would see any service. But an eagle-eyed waitress spotted me, and I quickly ordered. With bakery in their name you can expect all sorts of cakes, breakfast and brunch.

But what really matters here is the cappuccino (55 CZK). Excellent. Really smooth, good coffee, should have had a second. Coffee Corner Bakery gets kicks for coffee, décor and breakfast.

Coffee Corner Bakery: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks