Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans is closed

Coffee Beans is a classy joint. Not only do they have a fairly elegant interior, they give good attention to their coffee. So the name isn’t just a marketing ploy.  With couchettes lining the walls and the cream and brown color palette, Coffee Beans is a nice place to meet friends or hold casual meetings. It gives off, to me at least, something I would categorize as a very Viennese café vibe.

Coffee Beans 1

The service was excellent, smiles with the coffee and water was brought for the dog; always a plus point. The cappuccino (45 CZK) was recommendable. I think it would be awkward to work in this environment, but for catching up with friends the atmosphere is perfect.

Even with all its plus points though, I wasn’t wowed by Coffee Beans. It gets 3 Caffeinate Kicks for the coffee, friendly factor and that it is non-smoking. It loses for unworkability and something vague I can’t put my finger on. But don’t take my vagueness as the end all – this is a café I can recommend.

Coffee Beans, Prague, Czech Republic: 1 Caffeine Kick