Coffee and Riot

There’s a café located in the neighborhood between Národní třída and the river. I’ve attempted to go to this café multiple times and it is always packed. It seems to be the favorite haunt of students and perhaps my timing is off. At any rate, again a visit was undertaken, again I was denied. And thankfully so, as I strolled down the street and low and behold, a new café.

Shockingly, this one was empty. It’s much smaller than the nearby one, but comfortable, quiet and with good coffee. I’m not sure where the “riot” portion of its name comes from, perhaps later in the day when the non-coffee menu comes into play. There’s a long list of vodkas, gins, rums and cider.

The cappuccino (55 CZK) was quality and the barista very friendly and upbeat. Their coffee menu is notable as they list ice coffee and espressotonic, plus offer V60, Aeropress and Kalita.

The small place is basic, decorated during this visit with wild sketches. Its great location makes it a perfect meeting spot for your liquor loving friends and you could definitely work here. Kicks for coffee menu, location and vibe.

Coffee and Riot: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks

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