Choco Loves Coffee

I also love coffee, especially with chocolate in it. This sounds like it should be a tasty visit.

This Vinohrady shop is not new, but I was never sure how ‘café’ it was. It’s about half and half. There’s a shop to your right when you enter selling chocolate related goodies as well as bagged coffee from around the world. There’s a café on the left with more seating in the back. The look is soft, Victorian neat maybe.

Mochas are my coffee of choice but they aren’t so common in Prague. I would have been a bit shocked if a place touting both coffee and chocolate failed to combine the two. Luckily I didn’t have to throw a no-mocha fit as they have a range of specialty coffee drinks as well as the basics. Verdict: excellent! The mocha (89 CZK) was large and the chocolate was perfectly blended with the coffee, infused in every sip.

Choco Loves Coffee had some really nice looking desserts, plus they sell pralines, chocolate bars, cookies and a whole host of other sweet stuff. Recommended for the mocha, cakes and shop.

Choco Loves Coffee: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks