Visit Inn

Nice vibe, I thought walking into Visit Inn. I liked the wooden plank floors and industrial touches, especially […]

Můj šálek kávy

Můj šálek kávy (My Coffee Cup) is the flagship cafe of my favorite Czech coffee brand Doubleshot. I […]

Alf & Bet

I’ll be honest: I really don’t like the Palmovka area of Prague and have never seen many reasons […]

Parlor Café

This is your very early tip for summer. Parlor Café is actually an ice cream parlor, known for […]

Kafe Karlín

Around since 2014, Kafe Karlín is a tasty espresso bar that one can’t seem to walk by without […]

Caffe Dallucci

Well, look at this! Coming off a walk along the Vltava into Karlín and a huge beautiful café […]