Choco Loves Coffee

I also love coffee, especially with chocolate in it. This sounds like it should be a tasty visit. […]

Sweet & Pepper Days

“Don’t all your photos looks the same?” queried my CiC on our visit to Vinohrady’s Sweet and Pepper […]

Šťastná kavárna

Who can resist a café called the ‘Happy Café?’ I can’t and after visiting, you shouldn’t either. Located […]


Just up the road from Havlíčkovy sady park, is the charming ‘Harbor’ café. Cute rooms, friendly service and […]


Hmmmm…Desserterie, perhaps? No matter, the tiny looking front which is so easy to miss hides a lovely spot […]

Hanny Cafe

Bright, open, friendly – Hanny Café is all that and more in a great Vinohrady space. You can’t miss […]