Caffeine Café


Caffeine CafeLook at this! A café named after my blog! Okay, perhaps this humble site’s fame hasn’t spread that far but I’ve been meaning to check this place out specifically for the name and it has finally happened.

Walking in, the place feels a bit upscale with dark wood furnishings and a backlit bar in the back. Large format photos are on the sole wall, and there’s a strange little corner with high-backed arm chairs. I say strange because it looks unfinished – with pressboard walls and floor it looks like they took a sledgehammer to the wall and did some DIY expansion. Even though the space is long the large front window gives it light.

Service was unobtrusive and the cappuccino (45 CZK) was a nice size. They have Wi-Fi, and while I didn’t test it on this visit, I actually think I could work here for an hour or so, especially if mid-afternoons are as quiet as it was when I was there.Caffeine Cafe 1

The café has a downstairs which was quite a surprise when I ventured down to use the bathroom, (which inexplicably had a track of birdsong playing). This area gives the place a definitive lounge like feel with big couches and chairs. Caffeine Café is open till about 9pm most nights so must get a cocktail/wine/beer crowd of some sort.

Overall, this was a nice place and I’m glad I finally made it over. Kicks go to it for the coffee, workability and its super name, of course.

Caffeine Café: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks