Caffe Nero

Caffe NeroI have no problem with chain cafes (as long as their coffee is good). They can be pricey but handy for a quick, reliable cup and a nice sit while traveling. I first had a Caffe Nero coffee a few years prior while on a business trip in London and didn’t realize it was a chain the coffee was that yummy. A sudden charming rain burst on our trip to Edinburgh saw us popping into one and having an enjoyable coffee.

First off, I don’t know if this is typical but the staff in this Nero was super. Chatty in a nice way and very attentive. The coffee was generous and tasty, I even went a bit crazy and had a cafe mocha. Big windows and comfy chairs in the front of the café made for some cozy people watching as the soggy pedestrians hurried to find someplace dry.

This is one chain I would purposefully visit, thanks to their tasty coffee and super service.

Caffe Nero: Edinburgh, Scotland: 2 Caffeine Kicks