Café Lounge

Cafe LoungeWhen my sister came to visit me in Prague, this was one of the cafes we visited in the hopes of recovering from the terrible November weather. Asked what she liked best about her time here, I believe Café Lounge is the place she mentioned first. What that says about the rest of Prague (or my skills as a tour guide) you can decide for yourself, but she is right – this is a great café.

Warmth in so many ways envelopes you here. The antique coffee implements decorating the shelves and tables; floor laps; rugs; soft colors – plus a genuinely nice staff. There’s a small front room, a nice slightly bigger back room and the best part, a private courtyard whose border is part of the original Hunger Wall erected at the behest of King Charles IV. The Café offers weekly specials, including breakfast, lunch, dessert and wine, details of which can be found on their website.

Café Lounge serves Doubleshot coffee, which I’ve mentioned before, and features a different roaster every week. The cappuccino (55 CZK) is delightful, but may have some hidden trickery aspect – I always feel compelled to order a second one. Café Lounge is a lovely oasis tucked down a Malá Strana side street. While I wouldn’t feel comfortable working there, the café successfully kicks all our criteria: Coffee, non-smoking, décor and vibe.

Café Lounge, Prague, Czech Republic: 4 Caffeine Kicks


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