Café L’amour

Cafe L'amour 2Big café crush here and we will unlikely meet again. The problem with trying out cafes on the road is there’s a good chance you’ll never return. A weekend hiking in the hills around Sušice introduced me to Café L’amour. It has just about everything I desire in a café: it’s large, they have big windows on both sides, super comfy chairs and decent sized tables and a terrace in the back for quiet outside seating. Sigh, who wouldn’t be in love?

And the cappuccino! The 43 CZK price was average for Prague, so I’d consider that ‘pricey’ for this smaller town. However look at that foam! It lasted a good hour and was still sweetened by the sugar when I was scooping it up with a spoon at the end. Plus, the size was a pleasant surprise and the coffee was good.

Thankfully for our burgeoning love, I got a second trip to L’amour while waiting for the bus back to Prague. Café L’amour gets Caffeine Kicks for décor, coffee, relaxibity and workability – a cup of heaven!

Café L’amour, Sušice, Czech Republic: 4 Caffeine Kicks

Cafe L'amour