Café Kafíčko

Now, I don’t believe this Kafíčko is related to this Kafíčko, but this is a decent Malá Strana café, close to Charles Bridge. The space, service and atmosphere was all positive – unfortunately, my coffee was a big negative.

Sitting down, the cafe was fairly empty with two students studying at one table, and two guys playing chess at another. The female employee came over, gave me a menu and asked if I wanted water for my dog (big plus!). Then one of the chess players came and took my order and made the cappuccino (52 CZK). And boy was he fast. Strange, I thought, and then, after dipping my spoon into what had the consistency of water I began to get nervous. Where’s the flavor?? This really was like heated water in which a little milk and sugar had been added. The size though was quite nice and it came in a beautifully painted ceramic mug. But I want coffee!

My CiC this trip was quite pleased with his double espresso. Interestingly, the female employee took his order and as soon as she retreated behind the bar began grinding beans. Why did the chess guy decide to make my coffee? But I digress.


Kafíčko’s atmosphere is super, with old wood tables and tons of journals stacked about for your drawing/writing/other creative endeavor inspiration. A thimble sized glass of water and a piece of chocolate accompanied my coffee – thanks goodness, cause the chocolate got dropped straight into my mug. I would give Kafíčko another chance – and also give it kicks for location and atmosphere. Plus, the receipt was adorable!

Café Kafíčko: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks