Café Jedna

This is one cavernous kavárna. A newish Mama Coffee café has opened in the ground floor of Veletržní Palace, Prague’s modern art museum. For me, the building is more impressive than the art collection inside-the wide open bright, early functionalist style is quite beautiful. The space the café took over is exactly the same—soaring ceilings, massive windows. A white industrial-like interior adds to the simple nature of the design. And while beautifully bright, I have a feeling warm days could produce quite the greenhouse effect. Tables fill a large section of the long main café space, which is up a few steps from the ground. Along the windows, three spaces have been carved out, using what appears to be sheets. The far space is a kids corner, while the other two have larger conference-like tables and massive cushions for lounging in the window.

Being as it’s Mama Coffee, I already expected a yummy cappuccino (47 CZK) and of course got it. The counter also had a variety of cakes and muffins on display. And, an idea I would like to see develop into a trend; they had their WiFi code and password printed on a small sign at the counter. The sunlight would be lovely to work under, however the vast open space might get noisy and I didn’t spot any plugs. If the café was quiet, as it was the weekday morning of this visit, I could see it being a productive place to work.

Carafes of water on the table and a nice square chocolate with my coffee are other signature Mama Coffee characteristics I appreciate. Coffee, design and vibe give this Mama Coffee 3 Caffeine Kicks. Thanks for coming to Letná!

Café Jedna: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks


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