Cafe Balkon

Cafe Balkon is closed

Dark and cozy, I think Balkon is a better place for an intimate drink, preferably a clandestine one. Okay, doesn’t have to be, but with their loft space, dark corners and club chairs it seems like you could easily sit and disappear.

But let’s get to the reason we came – the coffee. The darkness is a bit of a drawback if you are thinking of working, and as the place allows smoking I personally don’t want to spend long periods of time here. There are some brighter tables by the big front window, small and round if you are going to be hanging out solo. Larger longer tables are under the loft, but up top are again smaller tables. I was pleased to see a double cappuccino on the menu (63 CZK) but thought the waitress didn’t hear the ‘double’ part when I ordered. I would call this perhaps a cappuccino and a half; the Illy brand which always seems to me smaller than average. And boy was it bitter. This cup required far more sugar than my dentist recommends.

So what’s the verdict? If in the neighborhood would consider popping in for an evening drink with a friend. Might recommend meeting someone here for a chat, or if the weather was decent, sitting on the sidewalk outside. But the smoking and the coffee makes this not a new fav. Cafe Balkon gets one caffeine kick for its interior and meetability but loses for its coffee, smoking and unworkability.

Cafe Balkon, Prague Czech Republic: -1 Caffeine Kicks