Bio Zahrada

Nearly the end of what has been a gloriously hot summer, basking in outdoor cafes. This is one of my favorites, though you’d never know it by looking at the front. In hindsight, the fact that the word ‘zahrada’ (garden) is in its name, should have been a clue, but I thought they were just building on the green, bio thing.

After that rambling introduction, Bio zahrada in Vinohrady is a shop and café. Looking in from the street it looks only like a shop but there are tables in the back. That morphs into a small winter garden glass-enclosed space and then you get the surprise of your day – a huge leafy courtyard garden. A number of tables with big umbrellas are set-up on the wooden deck. It’s a haven for moms and kids – there was even a play pool out on the hot summer day I visited.

Bio Zahrada is very popular. They have a nice lunch menu with healthful choices for midday break. Their coffee too is a delight – the Doubleshot brand and well-priced. Because of the steamy day, I went ahead and ordered the frappe (60 CZK). It was small for the price and too quickly gone, but one of the better ones I’ve had in Prague.

Lots of good kicks for Bio Zahrada – coffee, relaxibility, garden, and service – I forgot to mention, really super friendly here.

Bio Zahrada, Prague, Czech Republic: 4 Caffeine Kicks