Bio Oko

Bio Oko (2)Movie theater coffee time! Bio Oko is an independent theater in Prague 7. It’s kind of a cultural hub of the neighborhood and the café is popular day and night. In the summer they plop some beach chairs out in front for some sidewalk sunbathing. Inside the room is long, airy and with two upstairs portions for extra space.

There are three doors, but going into the middle one puts you in front of the bar. To the left and right are seating areas, both with an upstairs. This is one place where they thankfully haven’t shoved too many tables into too small a space. There’s lots of room for moving and you don’t feel you are sitting in on the next table’s conversation.

Bio OkoAnd what a nice and tasty coffee! Well-made, good size and nice price (42 CZK). Bio Oko really has more of a bar vibe that a café one, but with its brightness, openness and atmosphere, it’s totally worth an afternoon coffee stop. We’ll give it kicks for that vibe and the coffee.

Bio Oko: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks