Avion Street Café

Avion Street CafeA new café in Holešovice! Of course its opening was eagerly anticipated as a place where an afternoon caffeine burst coupled with a power work session could regularly occur. Alas, Avion, you did not fulfill this dream and Holešovice’s café situation remains as dry as ever.

The open dining space’s best feature is a fantastic hanging sculpture of coffee mugs. There are some bar seats at one of the windows (two sides of the café are all windows which makes the place nice and bright) with tables and chairs around the perimeter and a couple in the middle. There’s a cake and light lunch counter immediately to your right upon entering and that’s about it.

At 48 CZK, the cappuccino, made from Doubleshot coffee, was tasty, but way too small. The place was bustling the whole of my midday visit, and with most people seemingly there for lunch, gave the place more of a cafeteria vibe than café atmosphere. Avion gets a kick for location (more cafes are needed in Holešovice) and the design, but this won’t become a regular.

Avion Street Café: Prague, Czech Republic: 2 Caffeine Kicks