Alf & Bet

I’ll be honest: I really don’t like the Palmovka area of Prague and have never seen many reasons to go there. Until now. A super new café and bakery, by the people who run the yummy Ema Espresso Bar, has opened.

Alf & Bet still has that unfinished look about it, but apparently being reconstructed from an old warehouse or factory that also may be its final look. Huge space, most of it the open back area given over to where the baking was happening.

Up front there is a row of chairs in the window, and a side area with larger tables. Intriguing lighting and two large paintings are about the only decoration. Despite that, it’s relaxing most likely due to the predominant seafoam green color.

The cappuccino (60 CZK) was perfect, wouldn’t change a thing. Alf & Bet also does batch brew, a concept I like but you don’t see much of in Prague. They had loaves of bread on a cooling rack for purchase as well as a selection of cakes on the counter.

For the coffee, décor and bravery of opening in Palmovka, we give Alf & Bet 3 Caffeine Kicks.

Alf & Bet: Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks

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