Al Cafetero

I have to say, I’ve been on a roll lately with my cafes. Al Cafetero isn’t new and I’d heard good things about it in the past. I needed to schedule a meeting in the area so chose its Vinohrady location. It was good for this purpose, and I could also probably work in the space, but am unsure about the plug situation. The room is shabby chic, quite small but with two big comfortable couches along the wall, and a handful of other tables scattered about. The cappuccino at 55 CZK was okay size and taste wise, my companion ordered a second and I probably could have if I wasn’t worried about the buzz.

I have a feeling this would also double as a nice spot to come in the evenings to relax with a couple of friends. The person who served us was attentive and laid back and I have a feeling you could get to be a regular here quite easily.

Al Cafetero gets kicks for atmosphere, coffee and décor. Don’t know why, but there was something I really liked about the vibe of this place.

Al Cafetero, Prague, Czech Republic: 3 Caffeine Kicks