The 21 Best Cafes of 2017

Well, it has been a caffeinated year. Hit 91 cafes this year, mainly in Prague, but seriously pumping up the Vienna and Berlin categories too. Even got a couple London ones in there. And I appreciated them all for one reason or other: the coffee was great, the people were friendly, the décor was fun or it gave me time to sit back and relax.

I did narrow this list down a bit as I can’t love everyone, but going back through the visits I really did enjoy some fabulous places. What was your favorite 2017 café experience? Any recommendations for me come 2018?

Thanks for your continued support, I truly appreciate you virtually accompanying me as I café bomb Central Europe. Best wishes for a peaceful New Year!

Alchymista Café

In Prague 7-Letna, go simply for the wonderful garden

Alf & Bet

Gorgeous industrial space, bakery and fabulous coffee in Prague 8-Palmovka

Black Opium

Visited some great cafes in London, but this one came out tops

Brooklyn 52

Excellent relaxibility and workability vibe in Prague 10-Vrsovice


Insanely popular, and tasty, and cool café in Prague 3

Caffe Dallucci

A really random find in Prague 8-Karlin, I loved the big windows, comfortable interior, good coffee and workability


Top Vienna café with great coffee, a roastery on-site, lots of space and friendly staff


Coffee Room

A new favorite in Berlin, super coffee and quiet vibe

Five Elephant

A Berlin institution. Great interior and staff too


So good. And funky interior. New must-visit in Berlin

Nový Svět

Hidden gem near Prague Castle with a wonderfully leafy deck

Oliver’s Coffee Cup

Quiet escape with views to Prague’s Wenceslas Square. And good coffee


Could this be Prague’s best?


New Vienna favorite, excellent barista, coffee and space

První Letenská Pražírna

In the running for new favorite Prague 7-Letna café. Great coffee and relaxing space

Signature Store & Café

Workability is maxed out in this super space which doubles as a shop in Prague 7-Holesovice


Solista Espresso Bar

My favorite to-go place of the year, in Prague 7-Letna

Super Tramp

Tasty and secret Prague 1 café with a wonderful garden

Sussmund Kaffeebar

Unbelievably friendly and cool vibe in Vienna

Urban Café

Fabulous! Excellent coffee and green vibe in Prague 1, near Namesti Republiky


Adorable social Vienna café who has grandmas and grandpas baking the cakes

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